Embrace Pet Insurance / December 14, 2009

Has your pet ever needed emergency surgery? If so and you didn’t have pet insurance you know how bad it hit your wallet!  I recently had a friend whose black lab tore its acl jumping off a half wall. Not a cheap date. After all was said and done it was around $4500. I started thinking what we would do if our “VERY ACTIVE” dog would get hurt like this. This lead me to looking into pet insurance.

If you have ever wondered what it costs then wonder no more.

Get a FREE Embrace Pet Insurance Quote
The free quote takes less then a minute! We are paying around $16 for basic coverage.
Embrace Pet Insurance has a plan that will fit you and your pet and they will give you a free quote. They cover up to 90% of your vet bills! No networks and you can use any veterinary hospital in the country. If your dog is microchipped and spayed/neutered you get a discount. If you have a dog that is prone to injury or has a genetic disposition, then the free quote is well worth your time.

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