Dog Arthritis Doesn’t Have To Slow Your Dog Down! / June 22, 2009

sadDoes your pooch suffer from Dog Arthritis? It is more common then you would think. We forget that dogs often suffer from the same ailments as we do.  There are many products out there to treat dogs with arthritis so you have to be careful about which ones you choose to give your dog. Most regulations are not as strict when it comes to pet supplements.

There is nothing better then seeing your pooch running around and having a good time.  I love thinking about my dog when he is outside playing with the neighbors dog or chasing after his jolly ball.  The thought of our dog lying around and being in pain when trying to move about scares me to death.   I guess like anything in life its inevitable that our dogs will someday get old and many will suffer from arthritis pain.  Just know that there are many ways to treat and help dogs with arthritis pain.

If you get a chance do yoruself a favor and check out

They have a wealth of info about dog arthritis and a great story about their dog Zack!

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